CCAvenue Payment Issuance

Get Access To Your Money Faster

Get funding to stimulate your business growth

Ready cash intake eases fund flow for everyday operations and for augmenting business.

Minimize settlement time and ready access to your funds on the same day, while you amplify your business.

Whether your business is a startup or an established one, working capital is always a challenge for all. CCAvenue Finance provides quick access to flexible financing making it simpler for businesses to maintain steady working capital for accelerated growth and improved operational efficiency.

CCAvenue Express Settlements provides rolling capital for your business by reducing the payout cycle from the default T+3 or T+2 days to within a few hours from the time of transaction.

We enable you with....



Credit Rating

Better Budget

How we help you to amplify your business

Early access to funds

Fuel growth and improve your operational efficiency with easy and early access to funds

Increased liquidity

Get early access to funds and reduce your cash crunches to manage day-to-day operations with ease

Timely disbursements

Disburse payments to your vendors without any delays

Avail cash discounts

Gain better negotiating power with vendors to avail cash discounts on early payments

Improve credit rating

Pay your creditors on time and improve your credit rating by avoiding payment backlogs

Better budget management

Manage your monthly budget and spends efficiently and resourcefully

Coming Soon...

Business Loans

Get pre-approved and collateral-free loans for your business to invest in growth

Employee Loans

Offer your employees collateral-free loan to meet their short-term financial requirements

Bill Discounting

Gain quick access to working capital against unpaid invoices and accelerate business growth

Corporate Cards

Simplified and a convenient way for companies to manage all business expenses